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Project Description
A free and open-source software for remote-desktop sharing and administration.


To collaborate and develop a free and open-source software primarily used for remote desktop sharing and administration. Presently, the design consists of the following basic features:

(1) To view or control the desktop of a remote desktop by sending keystrokes/mouse movement.

(2) To be able to send messages to, and getting back responses from the remote node.

(3) To be able to transfer files to and from a remote desktop.


The client and server programs are developed targetting the Microsoft .Net framework 3.0.
The development tool used is Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition.

Contribution Required

I need members interested in open-source development for the following tasks:

(1) Unit testing the product, find bugs and suggest improvements.

(2) Marketing and research on alternative remote-admin tools and products.

(3) Help with documentation of the product and provide support to end-users of the product.

If you feel like contributing, then please contact me.

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